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What We Do

Renovating is a unique undertaking because it involves the balance of mixing what is with what could be.  We want to show you the potential we know is in your space, so allow our skilled team to cast their vision alongside yours and build and manage it to completion.  We offer help right from the start by designing the best layout, plumbing and electrical plans for your project, complete with CAD drawings and elevations.  This way you can be certain your project will be cohesive and function well.  We can also offer advice on the important details, this is how your project comes to life.  With interior design direction, mood boards and sourcing we will ensure everything is stylish and chic in the end.

We have over 35 years of trade, building and project management experience, so put our team to work for you, to elevate your renovation beyond your expectations.


Living Room After.jpg
Living Room Before.jpg
Pantry AFTER-2.jpg
Fireplace BEFORE.jpg
Dining 2 AFTER.jpg
Dining BEFORE.jpg
Kitchen AFTER.jpg
Kitchen BEFORE.jpg
Front Entry AFTER.jpg
Front Entry BEFORE.jpg
Pantry BEFORE.jpg
Living Room Wall AFTER.jpg
Living Room Wall BEFORE.jpg
Living Room After
Kitchen AFTER
Pantry AFTER-2
Front Entry AFTER
Pantry AFTER
Living Room Wall AFTER
Oven Wall
Fireplace AFTER
Dining AFTER
Sorenson outside 2
Dining_Kitchen AFTER
Dining 2 AFTER

Interested in renovating your space with Kingsmith Builders?


As members of the Alberta Renovation Warranty Program your mind will always be at ease knowing your project is covered.

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