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After Your Build


A service program is a part of all our projects when building with Kingmsith Builders. There will be scheduled follow-ups and our customers can always initiate contact if there are any concerns. We know things happen and we are here to help.


New HOme


Your "1-2-5-10" Coverage is as follows:

1 YEAR – Labor & Materials

Coverage for defects in materials & labor (e.g. baseboards, flooring, fixtures)

2 YEARS – Distribution Systems

Coverage for defects in materials & labor related to delivery & distribution systems (e.g. heating, electrical and plumbing systems)

5 YEARS – Building Envelope

Coverage for defects in the building envelope, which is considered in the Act as the system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior (e.g. roof and exterior walls)

10 YEARS – Structural

 Coverage for the key structural components of your home (e.g. frame and foundation)

If you have any questions regarding your warranty coverage or our service please let us know.

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