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10 Steps to Get You into Your New Space

#1 Get the Ball Rolling

Make a realistic budget that meets your needs and satisfies your wants.

We can help with your financing by offering rates that are better than the bank. 

If you have an existing home that needs to be sold first, then let us know, we know a fantastic, hardworking realtor that we can put you in touch with.

#2 Choose the one

Fall in love with one of our thoughtfully crafted floor plans OR design one with our team that is completely custom and unique to you.

#3 Dream Big

Sit down with us and make a wishlist.

We will help you pick finishings and design elements that will work best within your budget. Once we know your list we get it priced and let you know the full costs of the build - so nothing is hidden or a surprise to you once construction begins.

#4 The dotted Line

It’s now time to make things official with the Purchase Agreement.

If you want to use your own lawyer, we totally understand.

But if you want to save some loonies, go with our lawyer and we’ll cover the legal fees. 

#5 The technical stuff

We send your plans to the town to get building permits.

Once these are approved, we stake the lot and prepare to build.

#6 The fun stuff


We want  your home to reflect you, so you get to pick what goes in it. Sure, we’ll help you along the way if you want some pointers, but you get the ultimate decision on paint, flooring, lights, cabinets, counter-tops and appliances, etc.  We will guide you as to when to everything needs to be selected, to remain as stress free as possible

#7 Feel the buzz

Once your house has been framed, an electrical walk-through will be scheduled.

We will meet onsite so that you can see exactly where all of your power outlets, light fixtures and USB chargers etc. will be (no more crawling under the table to charge your phone!).

#8 Almost there

Your home is nearly finished, but we want it to be absolutely perfect for you.

A few weeks before your possession date, we will do another walk-through with you, and you can let us know if there is anything you aren’t 100% happy about. We will then work hard to improve it for you by move in day.

#9 Spick and span

We do a final cleaning so that you can put your furniture in and roll around on the carpet immediately.

#10 Home sweet home

It’s been a journey with lots of anticipation, but it’s finally move-in day!

A turn over walk through will happen immediately after we turn over the keys. We want to make sure you know how everything in your house works, wrap up any final paperwork and explain your new home’s service and warranty details.

We know how special this day is for you and it always puts a huge smile on all of our faces when we see how excited you are to see your completed home. It's why we keep doing what we do! 


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